12–18 months …. a safe vaccine. If we are talking only numbers and stats then sure. I agree with what you are saying…vaccines have negatively impacted my family’s life multiple times …I say this to make it clear I have a bias.

12–18 months is the minimum to make sure it is safe. We can never know for sure how safe a vaccine will be. For some will be fine, for others tragic. Even though our bodies are similar, none are operating exactly the same. There is no 1 cure fits all….in any medicine based treatment.

Many times the tragic cases are buried beneath lies. The truth unattainable.

I see the need, I understand the rush, but to me if the experts say 12–18 months…they are saying it for a reason. We need to listen to them…the power of vaccines goes both ways.

Thanks for sharing your voice on the topic…and giving me a place reflect on my own thoughts and to share.

Thanks for being you.



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