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Abundance (Poetry, Tanka, Gaia, Permaculture)
Allergy Angst at Parties and Gatherings (Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Anxiety)
Amy Marley (Poetry)
Annunziata Maria (Poetry, Memoir, Family)
An Appeal to Join Some Dots about Allergies (Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Research)
Art Plants Seeds of Change (Poetry, Travel, Art)
Authentically Amy-ish (Poetry, Self-Awareness)


Baked Goods (Poetry, Tanka, Anaphylaxis…


The World is Your Oyster

Written by: Amy Marley, Suzanne V. Tanner, Paroma Sen,

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Dear From Lemon

HEEEELLLLLP MEEEEEE. What’s an almost 23-year-old girl to do?

I’m torn. Totally and utterly torn.

Torn between an awesome opportunity, a kind, thoughtful and loving boyfriend I’ve had since high school and a pile of friends that I’ve…


#Day 100 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like to Draw

Procreate play – by me – artist crayon and smudge tool – had a tough time with Boj’s hair here… still a bit off, but I had to let it go – I left him bald at one stage because I said – that’s it! hahaha…

Bloodline, friend, other
Family’s my everything
Drilled in from my Nan
Whatever form it shows up
Embrace it with all my might

Whoop whoop! I made it!

100 days of creating something tangible is mind blowing for me… not something I have been able to see through before… 30 days…

Procreate play — artist’s crayon and smudge tool — source photo my own — we were walking to school and Matilda and Billie when I noticed they were holding hands...I was like — naww..that’s so cute — when I pulled out my phone to take a snap — they had stopped and Tildy was whispering in Billie’s ear… a heart-melting mum moment I managed to capture x

#Day 99 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like…

Procreate play by me — artist crayon, rainforest brush, smudge tool — source photo my own — Iguazu Falls — Argentina/Brazil — were so many giggles the day my friend and I visited, the water like a magic elixir — waiting to return to our hostel on the other side of peaceful protestors — so many heartfelt conversations in broken Spanish — the memories sparked with the prompt and photo that caught my eye today

#Day 98— Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like to…

Procreate play — artist’s crayon, 6B pencil and smudge tool — BB decorating her “house” made from a cardboard box

#Day 96 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like…


#Day 95 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like to Draw

Procreate play by me — artist crayon, sword grass, leaves and smudge tool — inspiration our front yard under a beloved tree

Racing rat races
Sacred simplicity calls
Nature’s treasured treats

As we continue to take steps to leave the city, I had been wondering what would happen to our house if/when we sell it.

So many houses around us are being knocked down — replaced with three or four new ones.

Amy Marley

Life-learner | Sharing stories and wisdom with humans of all ages | amymarley.com | wallobooks.org | forevability.org | fromlemon2anything.blogspot.com

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