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Abundance (Poetry, Tanka, Gaia, Permaculture)
Allergy Angst at Parties and Gatherings (Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Anxiety)
Amy Marley (Poetry)
Annunziata Maria (Poetry, Memoir, Family)
An Appeal to Join Some Dots about Allergies (Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Research)
Art Plants Seeds of Change (Poetry, Travel, Art)
Authentically Amy-ish (Poetry, Self-Awareness)


Baked Goods (Poetry, Tanka, Anaphylaxis, Allergies)
Balance (Poetry, Duality, Senryu)
BB & Tills (Poetry, Family, Gratitude)
Bees (Poetry, Nature, Anaphylaxis, Art)
Biggest Teachers in the Smallest Packages (Poetry, Children, Parenting)
Book I Can’t Forget (Poetry, Senryu, Books)
Buddha or Badass* (Ego, Spiritual Growth)
Build or Expand (Poetry, Energy, Spirituality)


Camping (Poetry, Senryu, Camping)
Cats & That


Planting a seed to grow a glowing resource

Logo created by Tabitha J Page – www.forevability.org

To be seen
To be heard
For emotions to be conferred
To feel like you aren’t alone
Navigating the unknown
Finding words of another
An empowering way to discover
A circle of support and care
Challenges become lighter to bear
Energy left for healing
Instead of despair

Forev -a-bility

A home for enlightening infinite possibility

I have been somewhat absent the last few weeks. Missing the labyrinth of golden words and responses BUT accepting that life has and will pull my attention elsewhere from time to time.

Boj-stracted with school holidays and dusting off the allergy book series I have…

Photo my own

Opening eyes to what is


Sharing a joke — or is that a yolk?!

When not everyone gets the joke! Matilda — unsure if she should laugh or be scared of her big sister — photo my own.

Mum sends funny jokes
When life gets too serious
Laughter is the best

If my mum senses life is getting too serious for anyone — she will send the funnies in to try and snap them out of it.

Inappropriate at times, but always sent with the intention of lightheartedness and fun.

I can hear her chuckling as she sends the humour on.

Mum has the loudest laugh. Ever.

Her neighbours have even complained about it. Yep — What the?! Who complains someone is too happy?!

She sent this one today after she read my latest allergy stuff.

A cracker…


UPFRONT DISCLAIMER: I am simply a parent making observations and sharing them as food for thought, NOT as proven facts or advice

Image ID: INH_33594_290345 from Stockphotosecrets

As I went to reply to him along the lines of – wow, so there could be a thread of connection to vaccines… there was a reply from him – An admission maybe?

Now I have a few hunches about environmental impacts and potential root causes of allergies and anaphylaxis.

As mentioned before, none of them solid proof—no singular answers.

All just theories.

Integral to a bigger picture that remains, for the most part – unknown.

Was happy to see one of them being put forward for further research and perhaps a possible preventive treatment.

The intensive vaccine schedule in…


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I was barefoot and wallet-less the day I found out my daughter, Billie, had an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. Eggs and most tree nuts were added to the “prone to anaphylactic reaction” list in the coming months.

Was expecting to do a quick pick up from my parent's house, head home and catch the last online work meeting for the day.

Well — as we know, plans can change — in an instant.

When I arrived, I took one look at Billie and knew she needed help.

Her face was swelling to a point it was unrecognisable.

She was pulling…


Re:imagining Paper to Build Better Walls

Image used with permission from WallOBooks

A single sheet of paper
250 words gifted from a creator
Sparkled with magic by an illustrator

Stories shared from across the Earth
Seeds of knowledge and insights birth
Shining a light on every child’s worth

All deserve a chance to learn and read
More than a want, it’s a basic need
Limitless potential to be freed

When world wisdom is spoken
Imagination past survival awoken
Generational cycles broken

Walls that words can break
A single sheet of paper is all it takes

A better world is what it creates

About a year ago, Sanjukt Saha reached out to me…

Australia had allergies and anaphylaxis in the spotlight this week.

But why is death the imminent impetus for change?

Not just talking allergies here.


For the love of all things no longer being consumed

A pint and a shot — celebrating a mate’s birthday — photo taken by my friend

What has become of my beloved tequila?
That suddenly tastes like a wet blue heeler
With soggy socks
After my body detox

Wine wine,
Red red wine
You once tasted oh so divine
Fragrances of decomposing fruit
Hints of muddy boot —
My brain can no longer compute

Beer. My reliable draft beer
I actually shed a tear
Gone are the days
of your amber gaze
A single fin or two
Now the most I can do
Even the gin has gone in the bin

Don’t get me started on whiskey
or scotch
Scents of ashtray
Suggestions of…


No right, no wrong — BUT there is always an authentic way

Photo by Hannes Egler on Unsplash

Who is holding the torch?
Uncle spinning tyres in his Porsche
Darling poster wife
Twisting an unexpected knife

Plans change
Lives to rearrange

Which way will he choose to go?
Oh, how we would love to know!

Ultimately, his choice to make
Affecting multiple lines of fate

Perhaps with some wise advice
Bad guys can turn nice-r

Interested in more?

Follow the fragrance of lemon to more with Suzanne V. Tanner, Paroma Sen & Amy Marley with the latest letter in the unfolding drama —

Source the original hints of the scent at From LemonPlease note: This…

Amy Marley

Energy Seeker | Life-learner | Kid-ifying knowledge and wisdom for humans of all ages | amymarley.com | bbntills.com | Volunteer Editor @ wallobooks.org

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