A beautiful invitation respectfully received.

Whilst I have not visited your home island, specifically, I have visited many places.

We try our best to respect the local customs and environment.

I feel ashamed when I see or hear when other visitors do not.

The impact of consequences felt.

Those mountain roads are precarious. As a passenger, I would close my eyes to give my ears full energy to listen out for the beeps. Slow and steady ready to heed.

My favourite travel memories are those where we have been invited back to someone’s house for a meal and drink.

Or they have gone out of their way to give us an impromptu tour of their local treasures.

The guiding hand when our ignorance shines… like the time we didn’t know how to eat a plate of local cuisine in a small French town or on the streets of Bangkok.

I hope one day to be able to visit your island. Your pictures and stories are stunning.

I promise to be a grateful and respectful tourist.

Take only pictures, leave the lightest footprints.

Thank you for being you.



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