A question I ask too!! Was barely on the scale a couple of generations ago...now...

Thank you so very much for relating and interest in sharing your story.

No time pressures at all - I mean, I am still working out how to do stuff...and in-between time differences and being mum, I may be a bit slow to get to things myself... so yep - no rush at all.

All on your own time!

I remember reading about your walnut allergy but not the asthma - intense! 18 mths old.... that is when Billie had her first anaphylactic reaction - she had eaten nuts before...but this time... where it all started!

Very interesting.

Look forward to learning more from your story - all in good time!!

Thank you so very much for supportive presence..and as always, for being you.

PS — I *think**? i have added you as a writer… but yep, if I have stuffed it, give us a shout when you get to it and I will attempt to get it sorted.



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