Amazingly thorough piece.

I feel I can relate to all of these at some stage in my life. Is that me on my way to insanity or empathy at play?

At what point or level do the labels stick?

When they cause visible dysfunction in a day to day sense, or only in a heightened moment?

Destruction or harm being the alarm?

Wouldn’t some egos push to deceive and paint a certain picture to avoid getting diagnosed?

Is it just a matter of “deleting” the underlying limiting thoughts a person has playing with their perspective of the world and how they fit in it?

If we are all unique, and there is no judgment, why are we trying to label and “fix” people? What is the definition of a perfect human and how we should be?

I love the amount of questions your words have sparked for me.

I know there are no easy answers. The questions are the first step. The answers subjective.

Maybe I actually need to dig out more of the psychology books I purchased a year ago and read them.

Thanks as always for being you.

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