Awesome article - it isn't always easy to stay calm in a situation where we are getting insulted... you have gifted very helpful tools to help.

I use many of these very helpful tools extra is putting myself in their shoes. Trying to understand where it is coming from...what they might be going through to cause that reaction...or is it simply because they are unaware... I guess that is your #3 though..

I have an example. I was in a conversation when someone started going on about how she was over having to worry about kids with allergies blah blah blah.

I could understand her frustration, but I couldn't help myself respond. I calmly told her what it was like to be a parent of a kid with anaphylaxis - how easily a trace of allergen can cause a reaction.

After she heard my story , she gave me a hug. Said I never knew it was that intense.

Thanks for being you.

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