Bahahah... this is classic.

I have a feeling your wife's side of the convo slightly exaggerated? maybe... a little?

In my time been many encounters here in the land of oz.

Walking along the beach with taipans, a mulga aka king brown under the verandah on a farm, random unidentified roof snake, dugites and tigers and cute little tree pythons...

Would not like to meet a combra or mamba... ahhhh!

But saying that, those mulgas and tigers can be aggressive buggers.

Snake bite kit in back pocket with walking off track anywhere....esp as the weather starts to warm or near a swamp.

My youngest wanted to play with the tiger snakes swimming in the water one day....mmmm no darling. They don't play nice, please don't EVER touch them.

Cheers for the giggle.

Thanks for being you.



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