Behind the positive panda words, I am not naive to know the growth from pain will still come…

This last month has hit me hard.

I got high on the feeling of being calm and present… slapped with the realisation that I was still holding on to something I thought I had released. Energy all over the joint. Add to that the recent world events and the fuzz returned. Reacting instead of responding… feeling like I was back at square one.

Thank you for your mantra. It helps. I will try it out. This morning while I was centring and then in a meditative state, I felt a tingle and pressure in the space of my 3rd eye… I know there is more I need to “see”. I’m still trying to control at times — not ready…. running I guess. The lump in my throat at times knows I have more to “say”. My youngest daughter’s calls of “Mum” snapping me out of it.

Next time. Being patient and trying not to force it.

It is coming closer though.

Thanks for reading and relating. Your guidance and words are shining lights on my path.

Sending you love and light to see you through your horrors.

Thanks as always for being you.

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