Bloody well said sir!

I was eating that line for a long time. I am still working on how my new beliefs balance within my physical world but getting there.

My partner and I have been lucky to travel for long stints here and there. My favourite was touring in an old canvas van and 4wd. We were on the road cheap and many warned us we would ruin our careers, go broke, get stuck and more doom and gloom.

It was the most freeing time. Working odd jobs as we went. Sometimes 6–7 days a week. Cept it never felt hard.

Loved every minute.

To be honest I could have kept going. Calls of family and my partner missing his beloved cars he tinkers with pulled us home.

Gypsy life for me still calls. We indulged in shorter trips overseas here and there. Camping or a cheap bed to be able to fit our budget.

Anything is possible when you are willing.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Thank you for being you.

Some pics of our traveling accommodation. Smiling as I remember.

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