Cats and That

Pets of the past and present

Drawing done in Procreate by me

I once had a pet called Spunky
A cat, not a monkey
He loved eating cheddar
With our dog Jeda

Mork and Mindy
When I was in kindy
In a dish

Twinkles the kitty
As a baby biddy

80’s influenced names
Today a new flame

Jack and Astrid on the scene
From the 2020 screen
Goldfish for the girls at home
Until allergies are more well known

Visits to animals in their own habitat
The other alternative to caring for a cat

My drawing looks nothing like either cat
How bout that?!

Jeda and I | Jack and Astrid the Goldfish
Random pigeon that came and said hi – not even in the poem! | Spunky who looks nothing like the cat I drew

Thanks for reading

Thanks for being you

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training |

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