Cheers for the tip - possible for me personal name, but not for the publication - yet anyways.

Just me in a moment of trying to bring the positive panda out - but hey - angst really is what allergies shine at hahaha. mmmm looopy looopy mum.

Yep the epi pens always in me pocket with the girls around - should really take to carrying a bag, ripped a few pockets on the ole jeans - used to last me 5 years..not it is lucky to get 2-3 out of em before they fall apart. hahah.. ok

The anti histamines don't do on the advice of a doctor turned naturopath to leave em off for now - it screws with the body a bit to mask the symptom...obviously though - not taking this mind when anaphylaxis is showing...jab with the pen without hesitation!

Thanks again and always for your caring presence on the page...truly appreciated. Thanks for being you.

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