Child’s Play

Prompted from the never ending poem

Messing around — photos my own

Any day is a day to play
Anywhere in any way
Endless adventures to be had
Anyone can be a comrade
A stick a stone
A tin can phone
Grass or sand
Arms or hand
Loud or quiet
Calm or riot
Inside outside
Seek or hide
High or low
Script or flow
Wet or dry
Laugh or cry
Let your imagination run wild
Time to be a limitless child
Children young and old
A reminder to unfold
We all need time to play

Every. Single. Day

Thanks to Sumera Rizwan for kindly rippling the never ending poem prompt to me with the word “children”.

The piece Sumera created using the prompts “Love, Life, friendship, and favorite season”

Thanks also to the original stone that started the fun was thrown by Martin Rushton

Since I find it challenging to tag… I instead invite anyone reading to play along as they wish.

The prompt I offer is “Infinite”. Interpret it as you will. Would sincerely love to indulge in any breadcrumbs you wish to leave to creations in the never ending prompt.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training |

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