#Day 4 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like to Draw

Amy Marley
2 min readSep 3, 2021
Procreate Play — the brush I used for the clouds was “Rainforest” even though there is a specific “Cloud” brush — …well, it looked fluffy to me!

Staring at the clouds

As they mix and morph anew

Endless views to view

Mix with sun, stars and rainbows

The sky’s a magic canvas

A cheap film camera was top of the list to buy with my first paycheck from the local burger joint I worked part-time at through high school.

I loved taking photos and getting them developed.

An element of surprise and excitement that the digital world has eliminated and replaced with timely convenience.

Mum would ask to see the latest pics.

As she flicked through the pile, she’d say — “Amy — they’re always of the same damn thing — the sea and sky!”

Day or night — clouds never fail to delight my heart and mind.

Horizon” — Geraldton WA — photo my own
Hamelin Bay WA by cloudy moonlight — photo my own

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