Crying. You truly have me in tears. The screen is blurrying as I write this. Today has been a day of running around putting out fires, sorting out technology and helping my partner deal with a bout of gout… yep gotta be a poem in that.

Your words, right now, are exactly what I needed. That voice knew. And I thank you, beautiful Kira, from the bottom of my heart and soul for acting on the message.

You are right.

I have felt the light when I was younger. I don’t fully understand how or why I buried it with my self worth but I believe it was an accumulation of stuff.

I am slowly unraveling it all. Each piece releases me more energy and light. I know there is more buried that I am not yet strong enough to face.

Formalised religion has caused pain within the family of past generations soI have to admit I still have a problem saying God. I use the word universe… even though I know on some level they are the same thing.

I am writing this on an old phone and I can feel I am rambling. No true coherence… I am still tearing!!

Thank you so very much for your message and caring support. I don’t have the right words to express my gratitude to you.

Pure love, light and source energy to you, gorgeous Kira. My heart feels happy because of you. xx

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