Day 38 — Elizabeth Gilmore's Things I Like to Draw

Amy Marley
3 min readOct 7, 2021


Procreate play — cheating or using tools? — by me

Chains of daisies crown
Flowers from nature’s ground
Perhaps should be left
To welcome the bees along
Or words in poems and songs

For today's prompt, I used one of my photos to "trace" the shapes of Billie's head and arms — then I drew/coloured the rest at whim.

Change a few things here and there — gumnut becomes flower! I get to draw fewer fingers hahaha… mmmm. The cover-up revealed!!

Time and skill conflicting with what I envisage at play… it’s Billie too — some part of me wanting to be able to capture the “perfect” I see in her.

Procreate on the left — Source photo my own on the right

Billie asked— "Why are you cheating today, Mum?!"

I have already been on shaky ground in my head using source photos. I had come to a pretty good place with it until she voiced the word "cheating!" ahhhh!

After talking to some friends in the game and watching classes where they show you how to use Procreate to adjust and "trace" shapes — I am still a bit confused.

I will always clarify if I use a stock photo — or even my photo for that matter in the process…but on some level she is right. I was “cheating”.

Is it using a tool to make things “easier” OR is it “cheating”?

What do you think?

My thoughts then went to using things like light-boxes, tracing paper, editing apps like Grammarly— tools or cheating?!

My mind wondered. The overthinking drone, causing drama and energy expenditure hahaha.

There seems to be quite the conversation going online if you google it!