#Day 34 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like to Draw

Amy Marley
2 min readOct 3, 2021
Procreate play by me

Medical marvel
Symbol of growth hope healing
Floats freedom to be

The play today reminded me of this wood burn I did for a close friend earlier this year.

Wood burn present for a friend — by me!

She had made the brave decision to leave a relationship that had been sinking her spirit into the depths of no return.

All the challenges that came with it she met head-on. Accepting and riding bravely the emotional rollercoaster that followed.

This little plaque to remind her — it is all to allow her to be “free to be” her!!

The smiles in her eyes I see today let me know her first and following steps have all been worth it xx

A link to a “Dandy Lion”…

and while I’m at it… a pockett full of goodness here

Feel free to join in as you like on Medium (I would love a breadcrumb to your play!), on Instagram with the hashtag #100EGDays or just purely for yourself…

Link to Elizabeth’s Instagram post

Thanks for reading

Thanks for being you



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