#Day 19 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like to Draw

Amy Marley
2 min readSep 18, 2021
Guided Procreate Play — by me assisted by Hafsa Art Box

Place to rest your head
Put your feet up and just be
Its somewhere special
By yourself or with others
A home is more than a house

I was starting to feel a bit weird getting compliments from people about my drawings — “I’m a fraud!” I kept saying to myself.

All I’m doing is copying a source photo (usually my own photo) and changing a few things around.

Which led to yesterday’s big outpour from cleaning off some old filters!!

Soooo — I thought, let’s make it really clear that I am very much learning and following the flow with these prompts.

My little mushroom house today was sketched by following a youtube clip.

It looks similar but… in my eyes not as “good” as the teacher’s. I didn’t have enough time to finish it all either, so this is how my version ended up. After using the few tricks and brushes, I’ve discovered while playing in Procreate; I transferred it to a digital format to colour it in.

Seriously. Anyone can draw.

For some reason, I can’t embed the YouTube video —a message comes up that says, the creator would prefer you to watch it on YouTube — so the link is this!

Feel free to join in as you like on Medium (I would love a breadcrumb to your play!), on Instagram with the hashtag #100EGDays or just purely for yourself…

Link to Elizabeth’s Instagram post

Thanks for reading

Thanks for being you



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