Entertaining with a dose of enlightenment. Beautiful.

Heads up…I’m going to go on a few different tangents here..totally inspired by reading your words.

Tangent 1 – Marisa Peer’s work helped kick start my journey in. I am enough! Amazing how we can have these beliefs from childhood holding us back without even realising.

Tangent 2 – Funny fridge connection. This morning I was visiting my mother.

She is supposedly retired, but, still works a couple of days a week as a florist.

It is coming up to Valentines Day and their fridge at work has busted this week. It keeps freezing the water in the buckets. Not ideal.

Apparently it is not the first time it has happened…last year it was just before Mother’s Day.

Seems there may be a lesson to be learnt here by the owner, but unsure what it is either. Mum seems to think its because they keep buying a fridge for food vs the cool room needed for flowers. If only they listened to her?!

Tangent 3 – Wonder if your appliances are trying to tell you something too? Could be totally unrelated, but I can’t help sharing. I was listening to a spiritual teacher earlier this month who said when he started working with his energy, he kept blowing out PA systems when he went to speak. Who knows, maybe something similar is happening with you?!

Wishing you all the very best. Cheers for being you.

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