#Day 100 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like to Draw

Amy Marley
3 min readDec 8, 2021
Procreate play – by me – artist crayon and smudge tool – had a tough time with Boj’s hair here… still a bit off, but I had to let it go – I left him bald at one stage because I said – that’s it! hahaha…

Bloodline, friend, other
Family’s my everything
Drilled in from my Nan
Whatever form it shows up
Embrace it with all my might

Whoop whoop! I made it!

100 days of creating something tangible is mind blowing for me… not something I have been able to see through before… 30 days — just… BUT 100! What?!

Ok — can you tell I’m excited?!

A massive THANK YOU to you all who have supported me through this journey.

100 Days of Procreate Play – “Thank You!” – by me

Your beautiful presence was felt and gifted me the energy to see it through. It sounds cliche — even saying cliche is cliche — BUT seriously…I wouldn’t have done it without this amazing community.

F a m i l y to me — through and through.

Your presence kept me accountable like nothing else has in the past.

I learned a lot about Procreate. What a tool! It certainly lifts my current skill level! Yep — a big bulk of it is the software shining through on these procreations I have shared. Seriously — it lets you select a photo for it to creates a pallette of colours to use — how awesome is that?! Would take hours to colour match using paints.

I stopped worrying about not being able to draw from my imagination. That can come with practice if I choose to pursue it. Letting that go allowed me to have so much more fun because I wasn’t in my head.

Met my favourite brush — the artist’s crayon AND favourite tool — the smudger! Blending and texture has never been so easy.

Love it!

When I experienced a couple of challenging life moments during the 100 days — I found I didn’t have the same energy for words. Having the avenue to create in a different form was so very healing.

Thank’s Trista for sharing this piece — it really made me realise how much I lean on creating for comfort —



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