From past experience, the written word is not enough to properly communicate a person’s true feelings or intention of the writer.

Even the verbal word can be clouded.

Each of us has our own set of biases.

Without all of the evidence it makes it even harder to find the true truth.

Even the formalised court systems get it wrong.

We barely know how to process our own thoughts, let alone begin to understand what is going on with another.

Do we put it to trial and hear both sides and have a community rule… innocence until proven otherwise.

Based not on one person’s judgement?

I don’t have the answers. I don’t have the right to judge.

This is more a thought dump.

What I see are 2 people that are hurting from words. Words that may have hit with incorrect intention… which is continuing to add a filter to everything said since. Biases to cloud clarity.

Energy being sucked into a drama/trauma situation that is emotionally draining those involved.

Energy that can be used elsewhere for both people.

We each have our way of seeing the truth.

We are all different as you say.

While you are both hurting, I think the hurt grows exponentially as more words are added to the fire.

Resolve wont come without clarity, clarity blurred by the hurts being felt.

It ends in a circle… draining you both of your energy.

I wish we could all see and embrace our differences… I feel that level of human consciousness is still rare.

You are the only one who knows best of what you are able to continue doing. What is in your control.

A teacher once said to me… Amy, if this situation was to continue forever, who would you have to become to keep going?

If I can offer my 2 cents…. Open transparent communication with a facilitator, perhaps from Medium… but someone outside of Illumination, that neither party have prior relations too. A neutral facilitator.

Yep just my thoughts.

Remember these are real people behind the words on our screens. Real feelings are involved.

Thanks for shining a light on this and asking for our insights. Thank you for giving space to include my voice too.

PS my broken and stubby fingers are writing this from an old phone as my beloved desktop is being upgraded… so I apologise for mistypes and grammatical errors.

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