Fuck em all. I know it can hurt…but staying you despite their aims to bring you down, makes you more you and amazing then they can ever come close to.

My aunty would always tell me…what others think of you Amy, is none of your business… I try my best to keep that in mind to save my energy from being dragged through the drama of bullies nd mean spirited gossip…gossip of any kind is energy-sapping.

Soz..not trying to give you should do tips here…just what came into my mind when I read your words.

People barely know who they f they are themselves…how do they think they can begin to come close to knowing who someone else is?!

I have seen this shite happen in many places… chicks can be brutal, and it spirals, a vortex sucking in any new piece of juice… I just hope my daughters never partake on the dishing out side…and if they experience the brunt of it…then hope they are as strong as you beautiful lady.

Thank you for being YOU. Whoever YOU are.

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