Helpful learnings you have shared here.

Some points I know need to dive into myself.

My primary goal when I joined late November 2019 was to learn, heal and build confidence. So definitely winning there.

However at some point soon I will have to consider my time and energy spent - I can very easily get lost with my free time in the beautiful labyrinth of words within Medium and lose focus on my goals of publishing the children's books I have written.

I still have some savings from exciting my last career from releasing my small shareholdings in the place I worked for... plus my youngest daughter is not yet in full time school so I am saving day care fees ....BUT at some stage I know I need focus some of my energy on finances.

Meeting the monthly subscription fee for Medium unfortunately won't feed the kids so to speak!

Anyways...look at me rambling on here. You sparked a moment of reflection for me too. Thank you!

And thank you as always for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training |

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