Hi Gemi,

It really helped me focus on my life. It turned out that I already had much to be grateful for. The biggest take away for me was a shift in mindset.

Knowing you already have all the answers you need… you just need to ask yourself the questions!

So while keeping in mind that nothing is a magic bullet or secret ingredient in life…the program did help me come to that realisation.

There are many ways you can come across the similar conclusions, for free too… but we each have to choose how and which paths we walk.

To be honest, my sacred choices fell away after 6 months of using them.

One month I had these as my 12 sacred choices, 10 second hug with my partner, one on one time with each of my kids, 15 minutes of writing, reading at least a page a night of a book, 15 minutes of self directed learning, walking as much as possible in my day, touch sea and sand, sitting in mindfulness for 5 mins, doing a daily energy exercise, drawing for 5 mins, a smoothie or green veggie juice, smile at a stranger.

I surrender more to my days but the important things still get done… mostly! Daily check ins played too much with my mind! Happy to play and go with the flow of my day to day while working towards building my energy and resilience, finding out more of how I love to spend my “Free” time and working towards finding more of it in my days.

K I probably babbled ALOT here. But hope it helps a little.

If you feel like you want more information or a chat, more than happy to. My email is amymarley@gmail.com.

Wishing you all the best on your journey.

Thanks for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life-learner | Kid-ifying knowledge and wisdom for humans of all ages | amymarley.com | bbntills.com | Volunteer Editor @ wallobooks.org

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