Hug Someone and Give Yourself a Dose of Happy Chemicals

How a 10-second hug can bring more happiness into your life

Oxytocin… it’s our happy hormone. Well, it’s not technically a hormone but a chemical release triggered by our brain. There are loads of more scientific, exact information fact stuff you can learn about it from the internet, but for now, this is a quick, tell me the action I need to practice to get started on feeling the results kinda post! In a world of over information, I am hoping that a quick and simple approach will be appreciated.

Now the consensus online is you need 20 seconds..but I only learned that bit while writing this. I previously heard 10 seconds was all that was needed…so 10 seconds is what I have been going on for the last few months and I reckon it works for me.

Maybe part of it’s in my head, but after a 10-sec hug with my daughters when they are spilling their emotions all over the place they calm down. Sometimes they don’t want a hug and I need other tactics, but that is a whole different story!

After a 10 sec hug with my partner, I feel noticeably happier. Sometimes I even get tingles in places that don’t usually tingle these days (again a whole other story).

Who doesn’t feel better after a hug with a mate when you’re feeling a bit blue?

If I don’t have someone around for a hug when I need it, I hug myself. Totally still works for me. My body naturally did this itself during a life challenging moment, and once I learnt that hugs kick off the release of oxytocin, I thought, “Wow, our bodies are bloody amazing!”

I haven’t always been a fan of a hug, but since becoming a parent, happy hugs are a handy life tool!

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