I agree there is always elbow grease involved, but when you can be pushed along with an inner passion – even if this is purely mindset – then the task at hand becomes less “hard”.

Love for the process keeping you in a flow. Even if the task is seemingly “mundane” by society’s standards.

There are many stories out there, but there is one that Robin Sharma brought to my attention that comes to mind here. It was about an airport bathroom attendant. He considered himself an ambassador for his country. The bathroom at the airport, being a common first stop for many visiting passengers.

He was stoked with his job every single day and it showed. People that encountered him always left with a smile. To me that is a sure sign of success. He had a passion for his work that drove him to be and do the best he could every shift – - he said it never felt like work to him.

Thanks for sharing your voice of wisdom. Thanks for giving me space to reflect.

Most importantly, thank you for being you.

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