I agree with you. Regulation and/or transparency is needed to an extent.

There is always a danger in information disconnect. Especially when one set of people think they know more or better than others.

I understand it would be hard to facilitate discussions that included all range of knowledge and perceptions, especially when some disregard the others, but I truly believe some form of it is needed.

Imagine if scientists that worked on genetic modifications (which I don’t find comfort in knowing!!) included doctors, natural healers, energy workers, natruapaths, nutritionists, farmers, market gardeners, indigenous tribal leaders, mothers, fathers, chefs etc.

I am assuming they don’t already here– perhaps my assumption is incorrect, but I have a vision of them only talking to other “trained” scientists as they have the same language to discuss their findings.

Every human has understanding of science, even if it is not obvious they do – ie musicians know by default about frequency, amplification and sound waves from working with their tools in their everyday life without ever stepping food into a lab.

Perhaps we need a translator… perhaps there already is one. Scientific terminology translated into everyday terms for us all to understand better.

Cheers for being you.

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