I am behind on my responses, due to an extended computer issue and the month-long challenge of May! Step by step catching up.

I found this piece about the Conscious vs Subconscious mind despite this breadcrumb not being seen until now. Funny how we find these things when we are meant to! The article you mentioned here was about a topic that helped sparked my consciousness.

I was reading a book to help improve my software testing skills at the time. Instead of doing that, it actually sparked my interest to understand my brain better…which then unlocked a whole kettle of fish!

Your article reminded me where I started from, and how far I have come since.

Until now, I haven’t shared much about myself, especially on social media. I have many personal photos though that I use for inspiration to write.

I am still in collection mode — short sparks of memories being recorded for my girls.

To date I have written almost 4000 responses here on Medium since I joined the last couple of days in November 2019. Many of which leak out parts of my story. Each response representing what I have read. A big comparison to the 70 odd pieces I have written. So I wholeheartedly agree with you on the reading being crucial.

I thank you as always for being a bright light for me on my path. Your words and wisdom ever comforting support.

Thank you as always for being you.

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