I am from Australia and we have an action plan we can carry. There is a foundation that has a heap of resources, including translation of action plans https://allergyfacts.org.au/resources/translations. As to how to “wear” it.. this is something I struggle with myself.

We also have jewellery connected to a service called Medic-alert. They have bracelets and other jewellery with an Id in case of an emergency. Those attending would quickly be able to identify the person has a condition that they need to be aware of.

Since Billie’s first reaction we have only been on a plane once… and was interstate.

We used to be very active travellers but I am hesitant at the moment to travel to non English speaking countries from a fear of misinterpretation.

I am working on my language skills and fear to expand our local/car based travel one day soon.

There was a facebook page I came across that had travellers with anaphylaxis as members but there wasn’t many and I didn’t have much info for anything outside of the US.

So apologies I am still researching. A topic also close to my heart as would love to share the global experiences as a family.

Oh n I forgot to mention before… was too overwhelmed by your generosity in sharing… that I am happy to read your relationships and dating was mostly positive re the allergies. I acknowledge you had other stuff going on in them, but a small sliver of light and saved energy by keeping allergy risk management out of it.



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