I am sending you virtual hugs and positive energy.

Life sure does have a way of throwing us unexpected curve balls.

You know what to do. Take the time to breath and be in the moment of grief.

Whatever comes forth, I believe in your strength. I know a delay is not a denial.

Your words give hope for people like me, it will not be in my lifetime I see the balance fully restored, but like you I can see glimpses of transformation growing.

The movement possible because of voices like yours.

You are an amazing strength constrained with our humanness like us all. You need to take time to heal.

All the words you have shared are still being heard… including those whose awareness is in a position to give. Your words a foundation for them to act upon until your cup is full again.

It wasn’t my intention to preach a what to do line… just to say you are more than enough exactly however you are turning up today.

Much love to you and yours. xxx

Thank you as always for being the amazing human you are.

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