I am so happy to have found you via this article.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

I know I will be reading all your posts in between parental duties of 2 young girls in the coming week.

My eldest is anaphylactic to nuts and has a severe egg allergy. Her first ambulance ride was when she was 1.

I have just become brave enough to start writing and share our story.

Having a science backed perspective is something I have only lightly touched. While researching ingredients in medical products after my daughter reacted to non-latex gloves in the dentist office. I felt very out of my depth reading the scientific terms.

It made it very obvious I have some steep learning curves ahead of me. Lucky for us her triggers are “popular” so food products are usually well labelled.. however medical products not so much.

Egg proteins, from my limited understanding, are widely used when producing drugs/vaccines/equipment, but the warnings on these products are difficult to read, understand and navigate.

I am learning as best I can to manage her risks while trying to empower her to manage her allergies. The whole process is giving me a load of practice for my communication skills- both verbally and written!

I have been writing children’s books to help support her learning and am also working towards publishing these in hopes to help other kids and their parents.

Anyways all step by step.

My intention was to introduce myself and thank you, I kind off got off track there. It is what writing has been showing me time and time again… it really does take your mind to places you didn’t know you needed to go!

Again, thank you for giving me a space to connect and shine a light along this step by step journey!



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