I am still processing my anger and sadness.

I don’t have the answers. I just have thoughts and lots of questions.

I agree with you that prevention is better than cure.

And to me, that begins with listening.

To all sides.

All perspectives.

The systems being reviewed and improved to match where we are now and where we are going.

Communication needs to be better.

All voices heard. In a non-charged us vs them, shoulds, was, ifs. Stay in the what is frame of mind.

What is it that we humans want to do with our time on earth?

Is the point to be in balance with nature?

Grow human consciousness?

Or destroy everything and everyone then go live on another planet and repeat the process?

Make heaven on earth a possibility for all…. Not just a select part classified.

Or are we all racing to be the best of all time? Are we trampling on others to do this?

I know it is idealist to believe that is possible at this stage, but listening, putting yourself in another’s shoes with compassion goes a long way.

We presume to know what others think and feel. We judge and label.

The media doesn’t help with it sensationalism.

Looking back to past leaders is a good start, I do feel like on this matter we haven’t moved on much since their influences.

I know others believe we are not ready for this step, but to me we have to stop segregating with our words.

I am not trying to take anything away from the horrid past of slavery and racism, but moving forward, we need to stop referring to ourselves by the colour of our skin.

We are human beings.

We are all here to have a earthly experience.

Let’s accept we are unique, connected but not attached. All sharing an earthly incarnation.

How can we work together to grow from insight and not pain?

So I have rambled here. No perfect solutions. Just more food for thought.

Thanks for guiding my eyes to your words.

Thanks for gifting me space to tramble (typing ramble)

I hope that they might be an impetus to a more developed idea.

Most importantly thanks for being you.

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