I can not thank you enough for sharing this thoughtful and thorough information with me. You have give me such an incredible gift.. I don’t have the words to express the immense gratitude I have for you taking the time to put this together.

These are your powerful words.. I feel like they are yours to share too. I understand though from your perspective of not feeling fragile it may come across better coming from an outside spectator.

I never would have understood the extent allergy management went without my daughters experiences. You have expanded my awareness even further to help me prepare her for the next part of her journey when I am no longer her primary carer.

I am actually tearing up from your kindness, support and wisdom. Just wow. Being on Medium has led me to many golden nuggets but this is shining the brightest.

Thanks again from the bottom of my being… I am unsure when, but this will come out in some form of my writing and accredited to you.

I am working on some Meeting your Allergens books for kids at the moment… think Pete the Peanut and Peg the Egg … but instead of illustrating it I will real life photos not to confuse the reality of understanding them from a kids perspective.

Below is a link to the poem I hope to turn into another book… its a work in progress, Billie sometimes tells me she is not ready to share her story too far. So I am awaiting her readiness. Either way it has helped us communicate with each other about it.

Truly thanks again for being you… I am going to be wearing this smile of gratitude for a long time.

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