I can relate. Post kids my boobs have grown from a DD to an F cup… my jeans still fit the same, a bit of muffin top but comfortable still so they stay.

I already found it challenging to find clothes, but now I end up looking as my daughter says a man most days. Eh…I go for comfort first and if the requirement to dress up arises, then yeah I make an effort. Bathers are a whole other story — since I actually love swimming and not popping out all over the place!

Pre epidemic I have been trying out wire-free bras. Mainly for comfort but also because I was started to get a lot of pain along the side of my breasts and a couple of lumps.

If I need to go for a walk/exercise something with bounce impact, then I change to a tighter wire-free. These have made such an impact to me…I am no longer ripping my bras off as quickly and the lumps and pain have completely disappeared.

As an added bonus, I really think the sagginess has improved when I am bra-free. I read somewhere that the wires actually decrease the muscle in our breasts… I believe it.

Anyways… felt your pain and am also indulging in the no bra requirement that social distancing is giving me.

Cheers for shining your light on the topic and giving me space to have a reflecting rant!

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