I can relate! Mister Weirdo, I love people, but need my alone time too.

My first job was in a fast food place working drive through, front counter, kids birthdays and cooking. I absolutely loved the fun chaos and talking to people when I could.

Then my “accounting career” revolved around customer support, software training/development, client work, running seminars and being the office “jack of all trades” – which included payroll, accounts, relocation, system maintenance, painting, travel co-ordination, onsite negotiations, sales and marketing etc etc etc.

After a full day of working with people, I would come home and need to sit by myself in silence for at least an hour to recharge…was before I knew about meditation. But I guess that was kind of it, if swaying back and forth is a thing?! Hahah.

When the kids came along I shifted to software testing from home…the head office was then based in a different state. I bombed trying to keep up.

I had severed my link to direct connection with the people I loved to help as well as the team I worked with…double whammy. Add in trying to be a mum and enter mid life crisis, breakdown…whatever it was!

Well, I went on a tramble again (typing ramble). Your words sparking a space to reflect and resonate.

I have really enjoyed reading your work everyday for a month. I hope to keep up with it…the reading and writing. Pulls and tugs of life have started amping up and my time is not as flexible to spend the same amount of time I had been reading on Medium.

I know the time will come again, and for now, I will enjoy the moments I get to even more.

Thank you for writing. Your words never fail to give me energy…and a smile.

I am practicing letting my intuition and energy guide me more..step by step. The Silva method currently on my daily something to learn list.

After 21 days of training, I am not zonking completely out at theta levels. It leaves me feeling very buzzy. Excited to see where it takes me next.

Thank you for being you.

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