I don’t have the answers.

I have a heap of questions and righteous rants to come out.

Like… imaging if money didn’t exist at all?


What if there was a basic living income for every single person on this earth?


Would people still get up in the morning and contribute to the world the best they can just for the love of it?


Will the race for “more” ever stop??

I offer a few pieces that calm my mind and restore some hope.

Anything written by Desiree Driesenaar like the piece


And the docos

2040- by an aussie film director Damon Gameau

Surviving Peak Oil

Apologies for hijacking the response area with a list of resources… or should I say thank you for gifting me the space to share them.

As I said I don’t have the answers, but you are right, many are starting to look for them.

Thank you for using your voice to amplify the need.

Thank you for being you.



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