I giggled… I have been both.

I cringed remembering how many times I have talked about the time when… I ate ants eggs unknowingly in Mexico, or jumped the security fence to scout for a late night taco truck and bring one back for all the guards and cleaners still working, or swimming with sharks, camping near crocodile oh am I still going there is more oh noooooo! hahah. Sorry!! Yep I guess I still do it!!

When I worked in the office, some days I joined in with the talk on food and travel… I do love them both, and some days I would disappear into the park close by and eat with the trees.

I needed both. Connection and then separation. Too much of anything unbalances me.

I do hear you though. When the same conversations are on repeat or the TV shows come up I go silent and know it is time for me to hang with the trees.

Thanks for sharing. Thanks for gifting me space to tramble (typing ramble) and reflect.

Thanks for being you.

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