I had to giggle at this - it at least stopped me from shaking my head for a bit.

Seriously - how does one go to sleep at night knowing they have treated people like this?

Open and honest - I don't have a problem with the numbers as long as everyone is on the same page.

I mean for most of us, bringing out a contract to sign while on a date would be an alarm bell right? But as you say, this mofo was picking and choosing... the bugger. A gold digger was first in my mind.

Glad he was busted... at the social level.

And you know what - these scams can become fatal - a few years old but it stays in my mind still today -


Ok went to a dark place - but hey, they start off at one scale - who knows where the confidence and train of thought will take them?

Thanks for writing.

Thanks for being you.

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