I hear you. Laced with the wit to deliver the message! Brilliant.

I am at fault here. But my out… I believe managing anaphylactic risks needs some understanding of what if scenarios for when they are at school or without us.

For the most part…they bring the questions.. I answer best I can at their level… but I know at times I have no filter… so they tell me.. ok that’s enough Mum, you have answered our question!

Empowering them with a choice and acceptance of their consequences while lovingly guiding them towards their independence is what I see my role as. My kids are not mine… they came through me but I don’t own them.

My mum… made sure we knew from a very young age that after our formal education it would be time for us to leave home and fly on our own.

Thanks for writing.

Thanks for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life-learner | Kid-ifying knowledge and wisdom for humans of all ages | amymarley.com | bbntills.com | Volunteer Editor @ wallobooks.org

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