I like your perspective here.

To add to the mix, I speak a mishmash of Australian English. I am still practicing to articulate my thoughts with my native tongue!

I have limited travel level language for other languages, including Spanish…alas fluent in none. I am yet to master a language enough to have the elusive dream in something other than English!

This however has not stopped me from using google’s Translate This to read articles that are not written in English. I understand I miss some of the nuances of the writer’s words and intentions but it gives me a strong enough idea.

The numbers will never truly tell us who all our readers are. Their responses and highlights may give us a small glimpse into who they are but while we are distracting on trying to understand who we are, we may never know who someone else is.

Ok that went to a weird place!

The point I’m attempting to make here is, even if only one person reads your words, it makes it all worthwhile if they can connect to them. You may not even be alive when that happens…I know some authors I would love to thank, only to realise they are no longer of this world.

Cheers for being you and I wish you all the best on sharing your wisdoms.

PS. – One last random thing/thought; I used to work in software testing… I seem to come across a lot of developers and tech people writing outside of technology. Infinitely creative thinkers… I can only presume though.

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