I love this. The connection between the emotional and physical allergies is very relevant to me. I completely missed it.

My daughter has anaphylaxis and this time last year I was building up to what I can safely say now was a burnout.

In my case I was completely unaware. I felt something wasn’t right but I was too distracted by what I had to get done each day, I hadn’t taken the wider perspective.

It was only when I had the space, time and energy that I could reflect and see the obvious.

Since then I have been building habits into my day to ensure I am practicing and growing my awareness or as you put, de-sensitising my triggers.

I thankfully no longer recognise who I was a year ago.

Thanks for connecting some more dots for me. Truly appreciate it.

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training | amymarley.com

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