I love this. Thank you for sharing your sisters and your stories.

It has given me space to reflect on my family. The words in the poem you wrote while in college really hit me.

There is a 10 year gap between my sister and I, 9 between my older brother and I, and 3 between my younger brother and me.

Reading your words helped me process a few things that have been running through my mind of late.

During a load of inner work this last year, many childhood perceptions have arisen and being cleared. A revelation I had just this weekend after a family meal was that it was like I had 2 dads and 2 mums as a kid.

My older brother didn’t appreciate this thought when I let it slip..he did not want to own the label of being a father figure for his little sister! He was though – through the eyes of my inner child. My father was often away for work in the army and my brother would seem to naturally take his place with dishing out life lessons.

It was when leaving the family home in my early 20’s that I formed a new connection to my older siblings. I’m grateful we have a new layer to our bond.

Thanks for being you.

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