I put my hand up here.

I have a fear of success.

I have been holding onto the belief that success in the form of money or fame changes people… and not for the best.

I don’t like being “looked at”. The fear of being in the spotlight… feeling self importance or judged. Become out of touch with people.

Intellectually I have been offered alternative thoughts -

  • money is energy and has the power to amplify the person you choose to be.
  • By being you in the spotlight you gift the invitation for others to do the same
  • You can only let judgement affect you if you choose. It doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to those judging
  • And other golden nuggets of wisdom to digest

While I understand on one level, I know on another level there is still something else there. The feeling of not being enough… not being worthy of success in whatever form that comes in.

Still working on it! Embracing the compliments the universe sends my way… instead of down playing them, or offering a reason to invalidate them…one at a time.

Thanks for giving me space to reflect.

Thanks as always for being you.

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