I remember the first time I really “heard” the lyrics… and understood the words.

Comforting hugs to all the senses… calming the thought spirals.

Thank you for sharing your journey.

There are no secret ingredients or one size fits all, but geez those support lines- be it in tools, words or people are pure gold.

Finding others that walk alongside you- more nuggets of gold.

I used to discount my drinking with the thoughts “my partners drinking is way worse than my social flutters are” I now better understand there are no “levels”. It’s not a competition! The ripples of consequences from my inebriated moments still brought the drama.

After a crazy close call travelling together over 15 years ago I started to curb my drinking. But… it never lasted long. Finding myself in a moment of unexpected sobriety for the longest time since becoming a mum… and for the first time I am not battling with willpower to say no either.

The thoughts this will all burst as my girls become more independent have come up.. but I let them pass. Focussing on the what is not what ifs.

I didn’t mean to babble so much then… the reflection prompted by your share. I thank you for that.

Here’s to “standing back up” … the cumulative gold.

Thanks again and always for being you.

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