I started reading this piece thinking Yes — so clever from career to carer. This lady is awesome at using her words to empower people.

I must have missed the notification of my name being mentioned here so it was a very humbling feeling seeing my name there about the children’s books I am working on.

Thank you so very much for shining your light on it. I truly appreciate it…especially to be included alongside the names of Henery X (long) and Desiree Driesenaar .

I don’t have the words to express how truly grateful I am to you.

I have just started designing the words and illustrations to publish. The search and wait for a traditional publisher left me with more determination to bypass and try out self-publishing.

Thanks for being your caring self.

Energy Seeker | Life-learner | Kid-ifying knowledge and wisdom for humans of all ages | amymarley.com | bbntills.com | Volunteer Editor @ wallobooks.org

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