I would be ecstatic to add you as a writer. I *think** I have done it - but if not, please let me know! I am very much learning as I go!

Parenting kids with allergies is another layer to it all. Finding that balance between their safety and not keeping them in a bubble has been tricky for me!

Still very much learning....and then I think...what about when she is a teenager and has a first kiss opportunity!

I had a beautiful soul give me a few tips about this here - grateful she did.

Thank you for reading and relating.

I will try my best to publish in a timely manner too - but feel free to publish and then submit to the publication too if you want to get your words out quicker than I can manage.

I live in the land of oz and the time difference and being mum can pose some delays!

Thanks for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training | amymarley.com

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