In our haste to mass vaccinate, we may just have pushed the virus to become stronger.

I understand we are all doing the best we can with the information at hand, and I appreciate all perspectives.

Eligibility and availability are still on the run locally, but the vaccination is scheduled to do.

Your words, Shin's and my fathers and my fathers-in-law, have been in my head for a while! All slightly different!


I saw this on YouTube this morning with Dr Geert Vanden Bossche and Chris Martenson, PhD ...

As it specifies - we don't know for sure either way, but it was interesting to watch.

Perhaps there was a better way... the "nose begins" may have been the clue - the talk of a nasal spray to administer a dose of the virus a different take on how to prompt a more "whole" puzzle piece to immunity instead of just focusing on the protein spike and ignoring the other puzzle pieces like T-Cells, B Cells etc. etc...

As you said - I'm not asking for agreement but for reasoned dialogue. I couldn't agree more... Be lovely to have some open and transparent discussions without all the "drama". But alas...the human condition that runs on reaction and fear is rampant.

Thanks again and always for being you.