In response to being able to insert multiple pictures within a story — please see this help article from Medium

When adding an image to your piece, you can select around 10 at a time depending on the image sizes. There is a maximum of up to 25 MB for each time you insert the images.

As far as I can tell, the photos must be within the same location — either the camera roll on your device or the same folder on your computer.

The Medium fairies (programmers) have coded a function to automatically lay them out for you depending on the order and orientation.

If you want more control over the positioning and sizes, consider using a collage app like PicCollage.

Desiree Driesenaar and B. A. Cumberlidge. I hope this helps.

**PS I attempted to record a video — but for some reason, my aussie accent was only heard when I accessed the video via my phone ….not when I tried to view it on my is weird and wonderful.

I ran out of time today to investigate…so it has been added to the expanding to-do list!

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