Interesting. Hadn’t thought about the classifications of anger like this before.

The “I am enough” needed to tame the bursts.

My anger comes out when my boundaries are pushed. Usually in the midst of taming kids, a ringing phone, dinner on the stove, questions coming from every angle then say stepping on a piece of lego.

Yes, the environment can be prepared to avoid the triggers, but not everything can be controlled. Life happens.

When my energy is hitting the walls of my limits, the emotions leak… big time!

I wrote a children’s book called Monster Mum for this reason… still being illustrated.

The monster comes out when the inner child is poked… taking me right back to being yelled at as a kid… feeling unworthy… triggering reaction vs conscious chosen response.

My ability to calm and be back in the moment of now is getting better. I still yell sometimes, definitely not as often though… but for the most part, in challenging situations I reset the energy with a funny alter ego voice… my kids laugh and I refocus my energy into what they need in that moment… raising and guiding my inner child at the same time.

Change.. as you say, from being aware.

Thanks for guiding me to your words here.

Thanks for being you.

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