Interesting perspective.

Formalised religion, in my limited experience, has never fit into “working properly” box, aligning to the response Desiree has made here.

My Nanna was turned away in her moment of need after my grandfather passed. She had 7 children to raise and it was the churches doing to ensure her market garden produce was not bought by anyone from the church. She was seen as not being worthy. A female without a husband for a reason, who was also unable to serve their financial expectations to be apart of the church at the time.

This is but one example of many where I have witnesses the cloak of organised religion not acting in alignment to what I believe are the values being preached.

While I do feel there is a greater source energy, love of all things, universe or whatever label is in use, I am most comfortable with a personally defined relationship with it.

Yes I agree that religion, all religions offer wise teachings but I use them as a guide to question and then embody those that align with who I am/becoming.

So to me, that means I am spiritual but not religious.

Thanks for gifting me a space of reflection.

Thanks for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training |

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